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I recently had some very powerful sessions with my energy healer whereby we healed some ancient & deeply entrenched wounds & imprints of war in my ancestry. It was actually a relief for me to finally & respectfully unplug myself from ancestral patterns of fighting for survival & for radical causes because i had exhausted that imprinting w/ inauthentic behaviors, relationships & patterns my whole life. It felt mostly like an energetic catharsis, literally like i called parts of my true spirit back. Parts that had been subconsciously displaced, shrunken or disappeared to preserve the ancestral imprint.


The thing is, unlike most people I have been attempting to unplug from these inherited wounds, timelines & templates my entire life by plugging myself into systems that do resonate with my soul. However I did so mostly intellectually by following less known or unpopular paths in religion, work, healing, spirituality, relationships etc. Yet, I needed permission to unplug emotionally & spiritually. I needed someone like my energy healer to say “You are different from your ancestors and thats ok. You are no longer on a warrior timeline like them but a healer timeline. Thank them for their sacrifices & introduce yourself & who you really are to them.” I needed to give myself permission to authentically reclaim my soul, mind and body autonomy.


So, this is your permission slip– permission to become who you already are: whole, holy, healed & complete. “You were given everything you need when you were created.” So step out of the collective belief that someone else knows better than you. Collapse the group thought that your healing, your knowing, your salvation lies in someone or something outside of or separate from you. Dissolve the notion that your truth is determined by an external authority. Dismantle the social illusion that controlling others will bring you peace. You can wait for your tribe to do this collectively, which is what most people are waiting for. Or you can do this on your own. For yourself and for your tribe. Because when you become autonomous, all your lineage will too. “As within, so without.” This is your permission slip.


We will be returning to our series on Paradigm Shifting = Decolonizing = Timeline Jumping to dismantle fears around health and disease as we move our focus to shifting our understanding of the immune system and infectious diseases in particular. I also recommend the ebook “Decolonizing Our Souls :: Liberation Medicine for BIPOC” for specific guidance on how to unplug and dismantle old imprinting and collective circuitry.

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