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Signs of Adrenal Fatigue

We modern human beings are perhaps the most chronically stressed out of all the generations before us. Never before have we been exposed to so much stressful stimuli. Between countless new environmental toxins, the information age where we must sort through the news of daily traumatic events across the globe and our own personal stressors, we are beyond stressed out! Consequently most of us have dysfunctional adrenal glands, which are responsible for producing and regulating our stress hormones, our blood pressure, heart function, nervous systems and immune systems. Though a few people have overactive adrenals indicating that they are in an acute state of trauma response, most people suffer from under-active adrenals, which means we are in a chronic state of trauma or fight, flight or freeze and our adrenals have tanking or already burnt out. Without healthy functioning adrenal glands, all our other systems and organs are also in dysfunction. The adrenals, liver and gut all need to work well in order for us to heal completely and to function as a whole integrated being with a healthy metabolism. The adrenal glands can be quite tricky to heal as they require not only constant de-stressing and TLC but they also necessitate emotional healing from trauma or old chronic wounding which continue to activate stress in the adrenals when not healed. I discuss in more detail the power and vulnerabilities of the adrenal glands at my as well as nutritional and lifestyle suggestions to support and heal them at my nutrition workshops at The Healing Studio Online.

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