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Signs of A Sluggish Liver

The glorious liver! The chief of the body (& spirit) in Sufi/Prophetic & Chinese Medicine, the liver is responsible for over 500 processes in the body. As the body’s master chemist, the liver manufactures thousands of proteins, bile for digestion and hormones. The liver filters toxins out of the body and cleans over 100 gallons of blood a day! The liver regulates sugar and fat metabolism and is the greatest protector of our immune systems, significantly reducing its workload when in optimal function.


Basically, a healthy functioning liver is essential for overall and complete physical and mental health. Yet most of us do not have our liver in optimal function because of nutritional deficiencies, stress and increased toxic loads from the environment.


Find out how to get your liver functioning optimally and subsequently get all other systems in balance at my nutrition workshops at the Healing Studio Online.

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