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Episode #5: Nutritional Myth Busting

We have been fed (pun intended) so many lies about health, dis-ease and nutrition, I am offering a Holistic Nutritional Balancing workshop to help establish some healthy habits in your own personal nutrition plan & diet. So in honor of reclaiming our physical AND mental/emotional health & well being, we will address a few of the greater myths & offer some evidence-based & traditional truths to shift into & embody through nutrition!


1. Not all calories are created equal. I wrote a whole blog about this “Counting Calories, Counting Madness” that you can find in the blog section of my website linked in bio. Calories are energy units but a protein calorie from raw milk is not the same as a sugar calorie from high fructose corn syrup. Instead of counting calories, it’s best to look at the quality (not quantity) of the food you’re eating. Is it a simple whole food? Is it organic? These things matter more than indiscriminate calorie intake. Find out more in the workshop.


2. Fats have been demonized for decades and now we are seeing correlations to low fat diets and increased rates of neurological diseases like alzheimers, dementia, Parkinson’s & multiple sclerosis. The brain is made of fats & needs fat to stay healthy and nourished. Our hormonal system and liver also need plenty of healthy fats, Find out more in the workshop.


3. It’s been long misunderstood that food is for filling us up and keeping us alive but not necessarily for healing or thriving. What we eat has a direct connection to how we feel. Why? Because food is our energy, we transform food into energy through a series of chemical interactions and metabolic processes. What are these processes & chemicals imprinting into our bodies & psyches? Into our energetic patterns? What chemicals & energies are we ingesting, digesting & assimilating into our systems? How do you know what foods will harm or help your mood? Find out more in the workshop.


Sign up for the workshop at The Healing Studio Online.

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