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Birth Doula to Health Doula

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been attending births for a while as a birth doula. Though I miss birth immensely and my heart will always be yearning to hold space for birthing people, I have finally come to terms and accepted the advice of my Spiritual Guide—that for now and for an indefinite period of time, I will no longer be attending births in my capacity as a birth doula. Why?

Since I moved to LA 5 years ago, my work in birth has been very rewarding but quite scarce. It just never really opened up for me. On the contrary, I am extremely grateful that what seemed to just organically grow on its own is my work as a homeopath and health guide or health doula, if you will. I see this not so much as a door closing but as my world and my role as a doula sort of transforming or evolving. I believe that we are called into the work that we are meant to do and that our calling is often heard through the people sent our way. Most of the people who have been sent my way are are those seeking support in their healing and health journeys. Rather than focusing my support on the extraordinary sacred rite of passage that is birth I have been called to focus my support on the sacred rite passage that is health and healing alhamdulillah. Thus, this birth doula is now for the time being working solely as a health doula.

Of course, I will always make an exception to offer birth doula support for family, friends and/or people who I deeply resonate with and feel called to attend their birth. But for now, my services will not be including birth doula services.


Because new moms and parents often need healing, I am happy to be able to focus my health doula support on immediate and long term postpartum recovery and healing as well as on overall family health and wellness. I especially love and feel called to suppor

t babies, children and women. But whoever you are and whatever your problems may be, please reach out if you need a health doula. Peace and Love.

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