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How Can Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Help Me?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a lab test of your hair sample to determine mineral ratios and deficiencies as well as levels of heavy metal toxicity, which can give us huge insights into any metabolic or system dysfunctions you may have. Minerals are fundamental to our cellular make up and involved in all metabolic and molecular processes because cells are made up of molecules and molecules are made up trace minerals/elements. With your HTMA lab results we could determine what is at the core of your health problems and how to balance your overall health as well as specific systems in dysfunction through nutrition and orthomolecular support.

For example, the calcium/phosphorous ratio determined by your hair analysis can help us understand your overall metabolic function, or if you have a fast or slow metabolism and any dysfunction or dis-regulation of your overall nervous system. From there, we are able to suggest ways to balance your mineral calcium and phosphorous ratios through nutrition and orthomolecular support.

As another example and in contrast to the above ratio, your sodium/potassium ratio, which is the most critical ratio and most commonly out of balance, can tell us tons about your adrenal, kidney, liver and immune system function as well as your level of vitality or the strength of your overall life-force. Imbalances in this vital ratio can also be corrected with adjustments to diet and lifestyle through recommendations for nutritional and mineral balancing.

HTMA is painless and easy to do. We only use state of the art labs who specialize in HTMA. HTMA is perhaps one of the most cost efficient diagnostic tools out there and offers a way to look deep into the most elemental functions in our systems and to help correct any deficiencies or imbalances you may have.

I feel grateful to be able to offer HTMA Services to you. My HTMA service includes the following:

1)Hair & Tissue Mineral Analysis with Trace Elements Inc. or Analytic Research Labs, state of the art labs that measure mineral levels, ratios and heavy metal toxicity.


2)Analysis of results.


3)Targeted Functional Nutrition Plan (supplement, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations).


4)Monthly email follow ups for 3 months

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