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When Healing Cracks Us Open: Introducing Traditional Malay Sufi Healing & Hair/Tissue Mineral Analys

I just sent my kids to my homeopathy cupboard for some “Nat Sulph Cell Salt”. I’ve caught the stomach flu and in my delirious lethargy, I couldn’t explain much except that it was on the higher shelf. They found it and brought it to me. As I patted myself on the back for successfully raising homeopaths in training (cross fingers), I realized that I should really be giving thanks to homeopathic cell salts in general. And then the awareness of this blessing reminded me of the gratitude I should incessantly invoke for the series of countless blessings in my life as a human on a constant healing journey and as a health coach inspired to help others heal. Homeopathy has been an endless Divine gift and support in our family; and homeopathic mineral cell salts and more recently crude whole food minerals have become particularly helpful and important in my personal and professional practice. In fact, I would like to introduce you to two major expansions in my work as a homeopath.

My awareness and journey to healing at the most fundamental level, the metabolic and elemental level through a traditional healing art and also with minerals (i.e. trace elements), has also been Divinely guided alhamdullilah. Through my previous aspirations in learning a traditional diagnostic healing art, specifically Traditional Sufi Medicine, to complement my homeopathy practice as well as a more recent fainting episode in which I smashed my face into concrete and knocked out my two front teeth due to dehydration (another word for mineral or metabolic dysfunction), I have been invited to learn two exceptional healing modalities—Traditional Malay Sufi Medicine and Nutritional/Mineral Balancing.


I believe the catalyst may have been my first (in dunia) meeting with my spiritual guide last august for my 40th birthday, where I believe he opened or more like cracked open, the door I had been searching for in my forever growing and expanding role as a healer. I had held in my heart’s prayer (without verbally disclosing anything) while in his presence my personal search for a mentor and teacher in Traditional Sufi Medicine. Not only was I granted this teacher (may Allah bless and preserve all my spiritual masters, guides and teachers) but I was also thrust, actually more like thrown down head first into the ground, into a specific quest for a diagnostic system whereby I could objectively look and assess what’s happening in an individual’s body and idiosyncratic bio-chemistry as a way to heal myself and ultimately complement my homeopathic practice. [Homeopathy is a non-diagnostic energetic medicine based on an individual’s personal symptomatic presentation of energetic disturbances].


Prior to my fall, I had begun to feel the need to support my clients not only through the profoundly deep vibrational medicine of their homeopathic constitution but also through an objective assessment of their individual biochemistry—in order to support the person from the most basic and elemental levels (through nutrition and metabolic support) all the way up to the level of their spiritual essence (homeopathy). It wasn’t until I literally fell flat on my face that the world of metabolic WHOLE healing through the two diagnostic healing sciences and arts of Traditional Malay Sufi Medicine and Nutritional/Mineral Balancing through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis was cracked open for me, along with my two front teeth.

This is all to say that I will be integrating two new additions into my work as a healer/homeopath: 1) I will be apprenticing with Master Ariffin Yeop in Traditional Malay Sufi Medicine and we will be offering packages whereby clients can receive both of our services together at a discounted rate and 2) I will be offering Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Nutritional/Mineral balancing.

Please stay tuned for the launch of these two unique and WHOLE healing services, including an interview with Master Ariffin!

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