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Remember how I said I’m going to tell you my story here? Well I changed my mind. HA! I’m gonna tell it in our own private circle of #selfhealers we’re holding on @healingstudioonline! Yay! 🌈🌟


I’m so excited to announce that we will be building a membership community of self-healers that will have monthly access to specific programs w/ @pevannier & me! I will be offering a monthly archetype reading, a monthly shadow to explore & integrate, my personal storytelling, classes & tips in health & nutrition & more. 🔥🌍💧


You may not know it from my big hair & funky stylez but I’m actually quite a shy person & the idea of telling my all here on Instagram doesn’t sit right w/ me. Plus, I like getting mutually deep with people. I like sharing together, more intimately w/ safety & integrity, & established agreements. I like being more closely connected, heart to heart, in ceremony & community.


I hope you do too & I hope you’ll be joining us there. Sign up for email updates at www.sukuunholistics.com or www.healingstudioonline.com. Linked in bios. More soon! 🔭

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