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Cult of Trump

Trump is a Vampire Cult Leader. Meaning he feeds off of energy extraction. Whether he is extracting hate or love from you, he is siphoning & feeding off your energy. Get out of the “Cults of Hate or Love Trump” NOW!


I see Trump as a manifestation of our collective shadows, a dangerous shape-shifting cult leader here to show us the master/slave energy that is managing our souls.


Hate is a low vibration energy that ultimately hurts & drains you most. Both hate & love feed a demonic energy like cult leader Trump. Perhaps even hate does more than love . Remember your energy power cords? Are yours plugged into the energy of hating Trump?


Remember also that energy is exchanged, it is at least a 2 way street. So if the energy you put into Trump is neutral, you will receive neutral energy. But what kind of energy will you receive if you plug into Trump with love or hate? The short answer? Demonic.


Trump is commanding your soul if he says “Go right” & you go right like a good Trumpster, but also if you go left just because he said “go right.” Because the direction you choose is based on his command not your own discernment. Either way both the “Cults of Love-Trump & Hate Trump”are taking reactionary steps & Trump is the one giving directives. He is a Master Cult Leader.


As someone who vehemently hated Trump once, this archetype became clear to me last year when Covid hit. The people who were pro-Trump obviously didn’t question him but the anti-Trump crowd were just as blind in accepting any narrative that was against Trump. I saw how one side was blinded by love & one side was blinded by hate. And I don’t want to be blinded by anything but Pure Divine Light & Truth.


Seeing this allowed me to release hate not only that I felt for Trump but also for white people. Instead of allowing Trump to extract my power through hate, I allowed him to be a mirror for my own soul’s illnesses. What & who was it in me that was giving Trump so much of my energetic power to hate?


For me it was wounding of ancestral & colonial traumas that fueled fear & hate for this icon of white psychosis. It’s my inner victim that internalized his white supremacist power.


It’s my inner victim that internalized his white supremacist power because in truth no human being is superior to or has authority over me. It was my victim’s beliefs that I needed to heal so that no white man however seemingly powerful, can ever lower me to a place of hatred, fear & victimhood again. Once I saw this, I to took my power back!


Instead of allowing Trump to command me through hate & fear, I began working on that shadow side of me. I wrote all about in my ebook “Decolonizing Our Souls: Liberation Medicine for BIPOC” I alchemized that ish yo!!! I turned Trump into a bitter curative medicine rather than a suppressive slave master drug exacerbating old colonizer wounds.


In this way, I no longer hate Trump as he is no longer commanding my soul. Now I see him. I witness him.


And the hatred & tension I used to feel for white people has also healed alhamdulillah. And that is Soul Liberating!!


The path of sacred witness is the higher timeline.


May we all be guided & empowered on the path of sacred witness ya Allah.


Praise God.

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