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The Sacred Witness

my beloved BIPOC: we do not have to participate in this control drama & shadow play of white psychosis. as the cosmos clears the human collective psyche of old racist skeletons & colonizer demons & of centuries’ old karmic archetypes foundational to this nation like that of the master/slave & colonizer/colonized paradigms, the universe is freeing BIPOC from the role of victim.


we can now choose the path of sacred witness.


what is the archetype of the witness? in its Light aspect the witness holds sacred witness because it holds the perspective of the Heaven’s. with sacred witness, there is a trust in the Divine Movement & Reorganization of on the ground human dynamics. the sacred witness understands that they are observing a tiniest micro-fraction of a holographic multi-dimensional universe & that the universe knows exactly what it’s doing. the sacred witness is able to hold neutral loving space even in the face of human absurdity, horror & loss. the sacred witness reads & receives symbols & Divine Narratives. & because Divine Intelligence & Design is not bound to human logic, the sacred witness is able to watch from the station of humble acceptance of Divine Paradox, Neutrality & Mystery.


🎭what is the shadow side of the witness? when there are any negative emotions or attachments associated w/ the witnessing or if we personalize what we are seeing, we are no longer in the realm of neutral witnessing. the shadow witness thinks only their view is truth or pretends not to see at all. they become arrogant & presume to have omni-vision & omniscience or they lie to themselves & others about what they are witnessing. they have one-sided or distorted vision or fake not having it at all. the shadow witness will also project his narrative on others or insist he is the only one with the right version of truth. who can you think of right now in this unfolding story that has taken the path of shadow witness? I can think of many both personal & distant & often have to check myself for it too. we could say that the media plays the role of shadow witness.


since the end of last year, I’ve been energetically tuning into impending violence. & I felt a bit more anxiety this past week. but I also received clear messaging that we have a choice in the role we play & the path we choose. don’t get me wrong, there will be people (on all sides) who will choose the Civil War & coup timelines & there are many archetypes that must come together to fulfill that timeline. but we also have the timeline of the sacred witness available to us. & as my spirirual teacher Mawlana Sh. Nazim (qs) says “let us thank the people next door getting drunk on their delusions so we don’t have to.” we have a choice in what role we want to play in this cosmic unfolding & we don’t even have to go next door to check up on the white drunk family feud taking place. we also certainly don’t have to partake in their drunk white delusions. the slave master’s house is burning down & this time we ain’t staying for it. 🔥


a few days ago I asked, who are your shadows & who’s in your mirrors. even though the cosmos is forcing white people to deal with their worst shadows, the white supremacist is in our mirrors too. so now is the time to ask what shadows do I have that are reactive to or reflecting white psychosis? a hint: the victim & saboteur may be holding the mirror or the white supremacist in our psyche. we have our own deep ancestral healing to do. let us be sacred witness to our own ascension & growth too iA.


as we walk the path of sacred witness, let’s also walk together as vision tenders. what visions shall we start building together beloveds? 🙏🏽

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