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Confessions of My Saboteur

Hello hearts, I have a confession to make: my SABOTEUR is the one who scheduled the date of the SOUL REBIRTH PORTAL for September 25 but the real date, the readjusted, REALIGNED date is October 23.


As you can see from my posts, my SABOTEUR very inconveniently chose to launch The PORTAL, a very special GOD-INSPIRED HEART OFFERING from me, during one of the most difficult TRANSITIONS & CLOSINGS of my life.


And I just didn’t have time to work on the launch in the midst of all the happenings.


So why did my SABOTEUR sabotage me at this time, at such an important moment in my personal & work life?


To show me where my POWER is & how I’m afraid of it.


The SABOTEUR is a universal archetype that has the LIGHT attribute of showing us where we fear our own EMPOWERMENT & will sabotage us not only for safety reasons or for our HIGHER GOOD (how many times have you thought “omG am I glad I bombed that job interview or 1st date?”) but will also sabotage to reveal the aspects of our lives that hold the most POTENCY & potential for POWER & GROWTH. And why we’re so afraid of it.


The SOUL REBIRTH PORTAL must be super POTENT y’all! 😅


When the SABOTEUR acts in SHADOW it sabotages our power & growth w/out our awareness. Though we seem to be taking all the logical & reasonable steps, life keeps blowing up in our face, or we just can’t seem to move forward. There is a stuckness, corded or a roped-in quality to the fallout of the shadow saboteur.


Interestingly but not surprisingly, I was taking UMBILICAL CORD 30c as support during that transitional time, which is the INITIATION CODE of the REMEMBERING YOUR POWER & the SABOTEUR in the SOUL REBIRTH PORTAL.


I’m certain that it’s thru the INITIATION & SUPPORT of UMBILICAL CORD 30c that the machinations of my SABOTEUR was brought into LIGHT & into my AWARENESS.


Once I accepted what my saboteur did & saw that the SABOTAGE would be to keep the September 25 date & NOT postpone as my INTUITION kept nudging me to, once I saw my saboteur, I saw the DEPTH & POWER of this OFFERING & I realized I really need to give it a proper chance.


So…. The SOUL REBIRTH PORTAL is POSTPONED for October 23 & I have so much more to come iA!


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