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Who am I?: A short re-introduction…

Peace all, i’d like to re-introduce myself.


i’m rena sassi daughter of Hassan Abu Bakr Sassi & Layla Naim Abou-Taleb.


i work in the healing, spiritual & alchemical sciences & arts & i speak & read the language of the symbolic & of metaphysics.


i turn dis-ease into medicine, wounds into healing, density & darkness into light.


i read signs & symbols. i interpret cosmic messages. i am soul literate.


i love God. all i want is God. i’m only seeking God’s Love. God’s Truth.


i live, love, work & breathe in service to God, to Divine Love.


i often speak of archetypes & use archetypal language. You will hear me refer to my personality archetypes like the orphan, prostitute, victim & saboteur or my homeopathic archetypes like phosphorous & sulphur, or my Tibb archetypes of air & fire. Please know that I am not speaking literally but symbolically, archetypally.


So when i say i have an orphan archetype that doesn’t mean i am an actual orphan because i have two amazing parents who are not only incredible individuals in their own right but also the best parents anyone could ever have. alhamdulillah. May Allah bless them infinitely.


What i mean is that i hold the consciousness, patterns, contracts, agreements, themes & characteristics of the orphan child. It means the inner child part of my psyche is organized around the perception of an orphan & around the themes of rejection & not belonging.


i find that speaking in archetypal language is helpful when trying to understand very nuanced & subtle energies & especially with energy medicine such as homeopathy & with mysticism & metaphysics.


Homeopathy is my lineage in medicine, alchemy & the healing arts. The Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi Order is my lineage in mysticism & metaphysics.


i also have the teacher archetype & like to use my IG page as a learning wall,where i share w/ you all the beautiful teachings my teachers share w/ me. i also have the best teachers al7.🥰


All is in serve to God. To Divine Love. To Truth iA.


May my service to my Creator be a transmission of God’s Love on earth. Through humble service to our parents, ancestors, children, our planet, to the highest good for all that is.


To The One. ☝🏽🤲🏾

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