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Humanity’s First Wound


The PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND is the pain & experience of the perceived separation between the COSMIC MOTHER & her CHILDREN. The pain is felt by both the mother & child within us & without us. Meaning the earth mother herself is also suffering.


The loss is experienced bi-directionally, the grief is held w/n mother nature & as her children w/in every aspect of our being.


This experience of separation is ANCIENT & PRIMAL. It marked the beginning of the collective human experience with “the fall” from paradise & has been re-experienced again on many millions of micro & macro scales.


We also experience it individually again & again starting from the beginning of our INCEPTION & through our passage into INCARNATION on EARTH– thru the WOMB of our MOTHERS & BIRTH.


Western colonization w/its shift of worship from a Higher Intelligence & Power to the human mind, technology & industry has only exacerbated this WOUND to the point where we either heal or die from it now.


Some of us carry this WOUND in obvious ways like in the actual health of our WOMB, in the relationships w/ our mothers & children, etc. & some of us carry this wound in very hidden places, like in patterns of abuse, violence, addictions, weak boundaries, etc.


Cultures around the world express this wound thru the oppression of women & of nature. By suppressing the wisdom & intelligence of the DIVINE FEMININE & the SYMBIOTIC LOVE of the AWAKENED MATRIARCH.


The SOUL REBIRTH PORTAL is a journey whereby we CONSCIOUSLY re-experience the birth of our soul & HEAL the PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND thru the ENERGETIC MEDICINES & TEACHINGS of the WOMB of BIRTH.


Thru HOMEOPATHIC MATRIDONAL REMEDIES we’ll be initiated intobthe different GATEWAYS of CONSCIOUSNESS we receive through our PASSAGE from our original home of ONENESS with all that is to the place of DUALITY & perceived separation (aka EARTH) & thru the WOMB of the MOTHER.


Through this JOURNEY you’ll meet your ANCESTORS, your INNER CHILD, VICTIM, SABOTEUR, PROSTITUTE & SACRED WITNESS, to heal their pains & SHADOWS, to hold loving space for this deepest of PRIMORDIAL WOUNDS & to bring yourself & the COLLECTIVE back to WHOLENESS, ONENESS & HUMANITY.



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