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Corona Virus Anxiety? : Holistic Support for Mental Health

Are you feeling worried, anxious or having full on panic attacks about the Corona Virus? Are you feeling symptoms like chest pains, shortness of breath, or the beginning symptoms of a cold, flu or maybe even the corona virus?


Well, you’re not alone and homeopathic aconite can help you. Many people have been reporting chest pains and breathing issues, myself included, and if it is related to anxiety or from an actual infection aconite is a powerful ally. Aconite is indicated at the beginning of cold and flus, especially one’s with sudden onset and after exposure to cold. But it is also indicated for ailments from anxiety, shock, or fright. So whether your symptoms are manifesting from anxiety or you do have a true infection, aconite can help you.


Take aconite 30c as needed for any of the above symptoms and if they are not too intense. But if symptoms are really intense go for aconite 200c. Do not repeat dosing unless symptoms return. One dose in homeopathy is 2-3 pellets directly under the tongue or a sip from 2-3 pellets dissolved in a clean glass or new bottle of water– stir with a wooden or plastic spoon or shake before each sip.


That’s it, super simple! Aconite is found in most health food shops and homeopathy kits. I highly recommend everyone have a homeopathy kit right now. Homeopathic remedies are given based on symptom picture not diagnosis of disease, and you never know what remedies you’re going to need and when. Homeopathy also has a long track record of preventing complications and deaths from infectious diseases. I offer this one from Washington Homeopathics but it is out of stock till March 31. To get one sooner, go to a2z homeopathy and get the First Aid Kit in 30c.


I’m also available for individual consultations to help through any acute or chronic episode. This may also be a good time to work on Nutritional Balancing, I mean since we’re all at home working on staying healthy and stuff.


Here is more info on Corona Virus Support.


Other things to do for anxiety:


25 Healthy Coping Practices: Check out this blog my kids and I put together on easy to do healthy coping practices.


Flower Essences: Flower essences are powerful emotional regulators. For anxiety I recommend Bach Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of 5 flower essences that help to calm the nerves from any kind anxiety, panic, shock or worry. Also Mimulus flower essence is excellent for any kind of general anxiety. Also White Chestnut helps for those that are having racing and ruminating thoughts. You can get Flower Essences from most health food shops, online homeopathic pharmacies or from the Flower Essence Society online. Or Search Here to find out the closest place near you.


Practice gratitude: Remember how resourced you are. Yes, times are scary and difficult but most of us are not in an actual war zone (though some of us might be or have family who are). If you’re reading this it means you have access to internet and therefore most likely also have access to clean water, food and shelter. That is more than a lot of people around the world! And there are many other things I’m sure you can be grateful for. All Praise to the Most High!


Meditate: learning to breathe and meditate will greatly reduce anxiety. There are lots of meditation apps but also check out my husband Pierre-Etienne Vannier who’s work is focused on regulating the nervous system. Check out some of his meditation and breath work video’s here on his Instagram.


EFT/Tapping: Maryam Hasnaa who has been an incredible energy teacher for me recently released this EFT tapping video for these times.

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