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Corona Virus Support: COVID19

Many are not aware of the incredible historical success that homeopathy has in preventing deaths and complications from infectious diseases, as well as its history in single handedly stopping outbreaks from becoming epidemics. See below charts and this video.

Conventional medicine tends to be of little help with treating most infectious diseases once they have been contracted. That is not to say that you shouldn’t go to the hospital if you need to. If ever you or a loved one is having trouble breathing, is completely debilitated, or your gut is just telling you that you need to go to the hospital, go! However, homeopathy has this amazing track record because it could be used at the first sign of symptoms often preventing disease progression or complication. Whereas the only thing conventional medicine tends to offer is suppression of symptoms, which can lead to more complications. For example, France’s health minister recently warned against the use of anti-inflammatory drugs for the current Corona Virus because it can worsen a person’s condition.

In order to help support the people with homeopathy during possible Corona Virus infections (or any cold/flu infection) and to hopefully help lessen the duration and intensity of the virus as well as to assist in preventing complications and deaths from the virus, I am now offering this new service to support people through any acute episode whereby they are presenting symptoms associated with this or any other acute virus. And perhaps the best part is that this service also supports social distancing and can be done remotely because homeopathy is not a diagnostic medicine, and I do not need tests to support or treat someone with homeopathy. All I need are symptoms, which I can get by phone or video conferencing.


I have been a homeopath for 11 years and I am also working with a cohort of global homeopaths supporting people around the world with current acute viral episodes. So when you get my support, you essentially get the support of 100’s of other homeopaths who are in communication with one another to try and stop the spread and complications of this disease.


Thus, if you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms please reach out for help.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions to prepare for what may be ahead.



The following can be taken by anyone of any age or health status and is to be taken as soon as possible as prophylaxis/preventative: [Please note that sensitive individuals may have proving symptoms when taking remedies as prophylaxis/preventative. Proving symptoms are temporary symptoms of the remedies that appear in the person and could last 2-10 hours. Should symptoms of the remedies appear after taking them, it is a sign that they are now protected prophylactically– so it’s a good sign!]

  1. Arscenicum Album 30c, once a day for 3 days. The Indian Government declared Arscenicum Album 30c as prophylaxis/preventative at the start of the outbreak and India has a very low rate (124 as of today) of confirmed cases despite being a densely populated country. It must be working!

  2. Bryonia 30c once a day for 3 days.

  3. Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c 4 pellets twice a day for 4 days.

  4. I also recommend increasing Vitamin C supplements to 2000-4000mgs per day and eating a lot of garlic, ginger and onions (or following herbal protocols for immune system boosting) (See also the Immune System Boot Camp for tons of info on how to boost the Immune System!)


Homeopathy Kit

Get yourself a basic homeopathy kit asap! Homeopathy can be life saving and you never know which remedies you may need and when. Having a kit ensures that you are equipped when you need it. I currently sell this kit but it is out of stock until March 31. Other possible kits you can get in the meantime are the Helios Kit (from Source Homeopathy, reach out for the password) or this 50 remedy kit from a2z Homeopathy in 30c.


I also recommend taking my Homeopathy For Families Online Course so you can learn how to use the kit and treat ailments at home as they come up. With this course you will learn to make homeopathy your primary system of medicine and your first line of defense.


Also, please check out the Immune System Boot Camp to increase long term and short term immune system health.


And now for some meditation and breath work by my husband Pierre-Etienne Vannier to bring some sanity to the current insanity we are in.


Be well!

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