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My father in law who has all the co-morbidities & is in the high risk category, recently got the dreaded virus. I only treated him with homeopathy & he is now fully recovered alhamdulillah. It only took a couple weeks.


My mentor in homeopathy here in Egypt has been using an herbal formula by a local healer with great success for her patients with the virus. Not a single death.


In the US, the official story is that the virus is disproportionately killing BIPOC. But historically, it is the medical system & structural racism that disproportionately kills BIPOC in the US.


If the virus has an affinity for black & brown populations then why is it that the people of Africa & the Indian Sub-continent where lockdowns & social distancing are merely lip service to the colonizers but impossible to actually enforce, there are LESS deaths?


The common argument here is that we can’t trust the numbers in the 3rd world because of inaccurate or corrupt reporting. Does that mean that the colonizers are not corrupt & not manipulating numbers to fit a particular agenda?


The colonizers are masters of manipulation & corruption! So much so, that they have us thinking only they have all the accurate science, treatments & numbering while infantalizing the rest of the world as backwards & corrupt.


We have known since May of 2020 that 80-90% of people put on ventilators die. Are they still putting people on ventilators in hospitals? Because that would then be state sanctioned mass murder.


Yes, the virus is serious for certain populations but it has been proven to be manageable through homeopathy & herbal medicines.


Increasing access to the “master’s” tools (i.e. the medical industrial complex) increases access to death & disease.


“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” ~Audre Lorde

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