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Drug Cartels

They keep us addicted to their products through media fear mongering, of which they both own.


Now they’ve joined forces to create an injectable software, a drug that reprograms human DNA.


Their new world order will insist you comply & stay addicted. They forced everyone onto one of their most profitable drugs (online) & will then pull the plug. So that just like drug addicts, we do anything, including taking their injectable software, to continue to have access to their drugs.


Typical colonizer tactics– all of my friends in Egypt can see exactly whats going on but people in the US & Europe are hella getting duped.


Sorry/not sorry, I’m just telling you all the truth. And I will be sharing more about what people are saying here about colonizer settler countries and world affairs. It may hurt your feelings but tough wisdom is my love language & enough with colonizer fragility! Get the white man out yo’ heads!

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