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Death Rituals // Age of Pisces


Liberation Medicine Through Death & [re]Birth


Here’s a glimpse into my Death Rituals 2020 // Age of Pisces as I entrain my system to embody the Highest Truth & Liberation. This is just a few rituals to alchemize & transmute darkness into Light, lead into gold, old dying paradigms into the New Ascended Earth promised by the Age of Aquarius. These are some suggestions for Soul Alchemy.


You can hear more about shadow work, death & [re]birth in our 2 part podcast w/ @pevannier streaming on all platforms as @sukuunholistics.


🎹 Music by @patrickwatsonofficial. We had the honor & blessing to attend his live concert in January 2020, right before the world changed forever & live concerts may now be a thing of the past. Little did we know that this song “Here Comes A River” was a forecast of 2020.


The rivers of 2020 & Age of Pisces have come to an end. We honor their cosmic teachings, thank them & release them.


Beaming Light.💫

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