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Shadow Work, Death & [re]Birth [Part 2]


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“Shadow Work, Death & [re]Birth + Meditation [part 2] podcast w/ @pevannier.


The year 2020 brought up a lot of death for all of us. When I checked in with cosmic intelligence about midway through 2020, I heard structures breaking down. The universe is literally in deconstruction mode— collapsing old colonizer/parasitic paradigms to make room for new earth aligned systems.


Join us in a discussion about releasing and laying to rest that which no longer serves us during this winter solstice, this great planter at junction and this epic shift into The Age of Aquarius.


I will be laying to rest the following for our Death Ritual 2020:


•colonizer paradigms (i.e. victim/oppressor systems)

•ancestral & karmic contracts to enslavement, victimization & war

•distortions of sacred truths

•group think


•needing to belong

•saving others


What about you? What are you ready to release back to the universe for integration & transformation?

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