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Decolonizing Our Souls: Dismantling The Victim Template & Shifting Paradigms in Science & Medicine

Trigger Warning: Liberation Code 1.0–prepare to sit with some uncomfortable truths.


The first pyramid depicts the belief system that frames our modern civilization. Do any of these answers that the mainstream narrative offers resonate with you? I mean when you see the origin of life being “random”, are you like “oh ya for sure, that is definitely an ultimate truth. I hella believe that?” If it does, may you be well, you can stop reading here.


This sure as hell ain’t my paradigm or belief system though! F NO! I do not consent to this as the framework of my worldview, the filter of my perception or the foundation of my thoughts and decisions. To me this is a crock of colonizer bullshit that is responsible for every single social illness and destructive behavior we have as a civilization. For me, this is an anxiety-inducing, victim-manufacturing belief system that will be the death of us if we continue to subscribe to these errors in thinking.


These are egoic errors in thinking that have become false truths. Let us just get that straight. As a practitioner of the healing arts, my goal is to heal at the root cause not just the symptoms. These conclusions are egoic thoughts– thinking motivated by perceptions of scarcity, lack, superiority and lordship.


The root cause of racism and toxic capitalism is the belief that nature is governed by a rule of competition and conflict, that within nature is a pattern of naturally selecting the most deserving breed- see Darwinism. Sure, competition and conflict may be one dynamic of nature but is not the primary law governing its intelligence as colonization and its science would have us believe. The domination, oppression and abuse of human life and of our planet are all based on this unconscious assumption of a toxic hierarchy in nature– that we are innately separate from and in conflict with each other and the earth we live on. In this paradigm, all of life including our fellow humans are directed by a biological imperative to fight for power over the other because it is implicit in this belief that life will destroy us if we don’t destroy or control it first. From this subconscious belief is born an arbitrary system of domination and control. Are you okay with this? I am not! These assumptions go against every grain of my soul and body, I refuse to submit to them. I do not consent to this belief system.


What do all of these philosophical errors have in common in regards to your role as a human being here on this planet? Well, each one of them positions you as a victim– a victim of random consequence, a victim of a hostile universe. Every structure that is born out of this belief system will situate the human being as a victim– the medical systems and its medicines, the schools systems, cultural systems, familial systems, etc. When we subconsciously subscribe to this belief system, we also inadvertently agree to play the role of the victim, or the oppressor; because when there is a victim, there is going to be a perpetrator. It is a requirement; a villain is a part of the archetypal formula of the victim template. Do you consent to being a cosmic victim? I do not.


When choosing a new behavior or belief, we can send it down this pyramid checklist to see if it originates from any of these dangerous unconscious assumptions. Let us do that now with our response to COVID19. Witness how every single mainstream policy, behavior, & belief that has come out of this virus is based on these fundamentally false assumptions & errors in thinking.


False Belief #1: The origin of life of a virus is totally random, therefore: mother nature is random, there is no intelligence to nature, no higher design. If the virus is a result of a random occurrence than the pollution we’ve dumped onto the earth and our human bodies or the ways we’ve interfered with our bodies’ and the earth’s ecosystems with suppressive technologies & medical interventions have no role in the increased virulence of viruses. This also dismisses the role colonial science and medicine has played in creating unprecedented levels of co-morbidities and disease, especially in BIPOC populations who are always disproportionately affected in any crisis due to the colonial effects of poverty, racism, environmental abuse, etc. By villain-izing nature & the virus, we are automatically and preemptively absolved of the crimes we are committing on this planet and against humanity, often on behalf of science, medicine and progress. Das some COLONIZER BS– I do not consent!


False Belief #2: The mandatory mask protocol is based on the belief that the origin of life (the life of a virus) is random; that nature is out to destroy us (nature as the villain); that our fellow humans are vehicles of transmission, infecting each other with this villain of nature and that we are only safe when we are separate from each other & from the evil of nature. [See Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory] Do you see how dehumanizing this belief and behavior is?


The mask is a symptom of a gross error in thinking and a subscription to falsehoods– plain and simple. Although I do believe there is definitely a place for mask-wearing in the medical profession and during active symptomatic infections, studies on the efficacy of masks don’t prove anything to me because #1) the studies are framed within the context of this paradigm and so of course the conclusions will match the assumptions, and #2) the idea and intention behind it originate from a fear centered on a false belief that I do not subscribe to. Fear based on true threats is one thing but fear based on errors in thinking is what is at the root of most crimes against humanity in my opinion, including genocide and slavery. Yes, this virus is a threat to vulnerable populations. But reducing the problem to only a villain virus that can be controlled by wearing a cloth mask dismisses the inherent disparities in health that this “survival of the fittest” model will inevitably produce.


The belief that I am both a victim of nature and also a potential death sentence for fellow humans is not my belief! The fear is not mine. I do not consent to taking it as mine nor do I consent to making it my children’s! I do not consent to viewing and interacting with myself and my world through this model of “knowledge”. I do not consent to treating another human being as a germ that can potentially kill me or my loved ones. I do not consent to positioning myself as either victim or perpetrator in this cosmic moment.


By not consenting, when I actually do wear the mask, [and I do because I do not want to have to explain myself every time I walk out my door, nor should I have to,] I am not internalizing or keeping myself open to being victimized. In this way, I wear the mask in a state of full awareness and power over my beliefs, my thoughts, my perceptions, my interactions, my responses, myself, my being! And so do my kids. Just by internally refusing consent to this belief system, I reclaim my sovereignty and I show my children how to reclaim theirs.


False Belief #3: Isolation & social distancing are based on the idea that we are separate from the earth, we are separate from each other & we are safer that way. That fellow humans as products of nature are governed by the rule of conflict and competition and are therefore innately a threat to the “other.”


By unconsciously accepting the belief that we are diseased vessels transmitting contamination and death to our fellow humans, we have positioned each other and even our own family members as enemies and ourselves as victims of each other. I mean the mainstream media has convinced us that we shouldn’t be with our families and communities. Everyone now is a potential death sentence to us, enemies. Enemies now even without a face or emotions because we’re masked behind a fear of each other, a fear of our universe, a fear that we will be victimized by everything around us. How much easier it is to hurt another human being when the human face and their emotions are not visible?


This is a major dehumanization program that is being subconsciously downloaded into the collective psyche right now. These are the messages and beliefs we are indoctrinating into our children. This is how colonization works, it not only aims to control external resources but internal knowledge and perceptions. In fact, it is now well established by historians that this belief system, or Scientism as it is now called, was born at the time of the Renaissance and is the precursor to European colonization and its subsequent genocides in the Americas and Africa. Do you consent to this? I do not!


I DO NOT CONSENT! I refuse to dehumanize fellow humans so that they can fit into this extremely harmful narrative and control-based belief system that I do not believe in the first place! I have disinvested from that paradigm over a decade ago. It is not mine and I refuse to position myself as a victim in this world simply because the collective is still under the trance of this colonizer paradigm. And most importantly, I am breaking the cycle of colonization by refusing to pass on this programming to my children. I do not consent.


As human beings, the only freedom of choice we really have is to choose what we believe in and how we think, yet our own personal thoughts & beliefs tend to remain unexamined in our subconscious. Unexamined “knowing” is dangerous because it keeps us unconscious to what commands and motivates our behaviors and reactions and it is unconsciously passed on to our children; remaining a pattern of human destructive behaviors for as long as it stays unconscious.


However, you have a right to choose not to consent to this model. In fact you have a right to not consent even to my suggestions here or any belief system that does not resonate with your mind, body and soul. You have the freedom to disinvest your beliefs from systems of control and re-invest them in systems of cooperation and respect. What you believe is your choice and your responsibility.


Here’s some pro-tips for unplugging from this paradigm and harmful group think:


#1) Just stating from the heart “I do not consent” to any of these tenets or assumptions, energetically disentangles you from the matrix of this colonizer power-over/power-under paradigm.


#2) Look inwards, you’re already resourced. Universal codes are original teachings encoded in our DNA. Ancestral healing is at the core of unlocking these codes that may have been rendered consciously inaccessible due to broken lineage.


#3) Build up your immune system! Your immune system is a highly intelligent innate human technology that is here to support your liberation! Masks & isolation, have nothing on a robust immune system! Find more info on the immune system and liberation here.


#4) Shadow work.


#5) Shadow work.


#6) Shadow work.


This second photo [see on my IG] is the same pyramid except on the right are answers that our new discoveries in science pose for us, and which are in line with universal principles and belief systems that all of our ancestors shared. Remember, there are safe life-affirming paradigms available for you to resource from. You are wise, you are strong, you are smart and you can choose what you believe in and how you behave. First we need to acknowledge the power of our thoughts and beliefs, especially the unconscious ones that continue to story our world into a harmful victim-perpetrator blueprint. Be radically accountable! Be sovereign. Be autonomous. Be FREE!


I am extending to you the earth’s invitation to shift from the false colonizer paradigm to the universal, to come in line with the truth of the cosmic mother’s principles and systems. Will you make that shift? This takes work. It’s not going to be easy but you CAN get free because “you are freedom itself!” It’s up to you now.


May you be healthy. May you be well. May you be sovereign. May you be freedom itself.


And so it is. Ameen.


[Endnote: To be clear, there are absolutely many good things to come of modern science & medicine in general, this is not a blanket condemnation. Sure, one dynamic of nature is conflict and competition but it is not the only or primary dynamic. In the Sufi Sciences, creation and nature are commanded and governed by Divine Love. This piece is a nuanced examination of the values and beliefs that texture our behaviors as a collective human family. We are totally capable of holding the paradox of seeing both the potential benefits & harms of our current systems and collective human behavior.]


For universally aligned understandings of COVID19, reach out for Homeoprophylaxis and see Terrain Theory vs. Germ Theory & Dr. Zach Bush MD.


For deeper work in dismantling the victim template, please check out my ebook “Decolonizing Our Souls :: Liberation Medicine for BIPOC.” (post link)


Photos from Gaia TV Series Missing Links: Shattering Historical Paradigms

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