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Healing is a process of becoming free of all internal & external harm & imbalance. Liberation is not doing whatever one wants, its not just about feeling good. Feeling good may be what first initiates the process of healing to become free but deep long lasting healing & freedom is an unending journey of purification & integration.


Liberation is a healing process of releasing what does not belong to us & calling back the parts of us that splintered out into forgotten fragments that became frozen in dysfunction & left us imbalanced & dis-eased. Liberation is the process of restoring integrity & balance to one’s whole being, which is a universal birthright of all creatures in the universe, not just human beings. Reclaiming & restoring our authentic state of integrity & balance demands that we actually look closely at & examine our imbalances because as we have already established with the universal ‘Law of Suppression’, ignoring or disappearing our discomforts only worsens them.


Sitting with our pains is an age old practice of mystics around the world & depicted in traditional epic stories of our most beloved heroes who are required to descend into the underworlds to struggle & make peace with their inner demons & shadows. All realized heroes have entered into the depths of their psychic labyrinths and have been stripped down to nothing before emerging again whole and in harmony within and without. To get free, one must first learn to wade & discern truth through the darkness of one’s hurt.


This is true of the individual & the collective bodies. To become collectively liberated we MUST face & dialogue w/ our social pathologies & shadows, most especially our greatest psychosis– white supremacy.


Amerikkka’s ugliest, most destructive shadow has been out playing in the spotlight of the world-stage for 4 years now. We have been brought into the psychic underworld of our country’s shadow history, not so that we can get stuck and die there but so we can finally get free of it! What would happen if we refuse to sit with the discomfort of this truth?

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