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Dis-ease is Nature’s Upgrading Software

As promised, we are returning to our our series on paradigm shifting /decolonizing / timeline jumping to shift out of fear-based medical models into empowered health models.


In the colonizer, power-over/power-under model of the medical industrial complex, dis-ease is viewed as a mistake of nature and an attack on the human organism. Thus this medical model is largely operated by the law of suppression as discussed in previous posts.


However, according to homeopathy and traditional medicines, nature, which includes the human organism and all its functions, has an inherent intelligence with certain governing laws and principles. For holistic paradigms, dis-ease is an initiation into higher states of consciousness and integrity. In holistic systems we do not deny or suppress darkness or shadows, we confront them because dis-ease is an opportunity to upgrade our humanity.


If you think about it, our bodies are such incredibly nuanced and complicated systems, micro-universes if you will, that we usually are unaware of its many different functions and parts– until something goes wrong, until something is in dysfunction or dis-ease. For example, how many of us are aware of the power of our pinky finger unless it is injured or lost? (God forbid). How many of us are aware of our eyelashes until we get one stuck in our eye? With this new albeit uncomfortable awareness comes also a forgotten gratitude for the wonders, intricacies and power of the human body.


The discomforts of dis-ease are signals alerting us, they draw attention to certain parts that before we had no awareness of and probably took for granted. The pains we feel are like system notifications, alerting us that there is something wrong on deeper plane, within us. The pain in and of itself triggers a rise in consciousness and is an invitation to dive deeper into the self to understand the root cause of the pain. This opens the way for curiosity and gratitude with dis-ease rather than fear and attempts to control it.


Once we accept the pains as communications from our higher self, we can then begin to support and heal what is being asked of us by our higher self. In this way, we will likely align with & seek out medicines that are supportive in healing us as whole beings, as micro-universes, instead of medicines that are just bandaids, covering up the symptoms but not healing us. Only by understanding and healing the root cause of dis-ease can we achieve optimal health. But we will not know what needs healing unless we accept that our higher-self communicates this to us through the uncomfortable signals of dis-ease.


This shift in awareness in the laws that govern health and dis-ease can liberate us from relying on suppressive fear & control based medical systems that aim to eradicate dis-ease rather than harmonize the person. This shift in perspective already begins to initiate us to higher states of awareness and gratitude and also paves the way for true healing, on all the levels of our existence– physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. In short, honoring the organic intelligence of human nature, including manifestations of dis-ease, means we are respecting the laws of the earth instead of arrogantly thinking we can change them– this upgrades our integrity, our health and our humanity.


Stay tuned as we continue this series w/ a specific focus on the immune system. Just wait to get your mind blown out of the water when you find out the holistic purpose of our immune systems! Beyond fascinating!

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