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“You are right. And I am right too.”

This statement is where I’ve been landing a lot lately when I find myself in disagreement w/ the world around me [which actually feels like all the time since the day I was born, LOL]. “You are right. And I am right too.” is a timeless wisdom shared with me by my teacher in Prophetic/Sufi Medicine @ariffinyeop.


♎I extend this gem as a reminder to myself first & during this wild October & Libra season– that cosmic balance is based on holding space for Divine Paradox, for the ‘both/and’ to be true rather than the polarized duality of ‘either/or’. This is a gentle invitation during these polarizing times when there is so much confusion & when truth appears in the relative & in the multiple, to consider that we are beings capable of honoring nuance & difference through compassion for self & others. This is a reminder to open ourselves to the possibility that all truth is true– that Divine Order & the cosmic command for re-balancing does not follow human logic or reason. The universe has many laws governing it but human logic is not one of them. I invite you to consider that Divine Direction & Guidance often comes in the way of opposites.


External antagonism is an invitation to interrogate & transform societal beliefs as well as personal ones. But authentic interrogation & restorative transformation require compassion & love. Holding the opposing view or the “enemy” perspective as an aspect of truth to learn from despite our intellectual, physical or spiritual aversion to it, opens our way not only to deeper understanding & connection to the “other”  but also to healing ourselves, our communities, our loved ones & our ancestors. It opens the way to compassionate interrogation & restorative rebalancing. That is not to say that there isn’t a place for holding people accountable for their harmful beliefs, that is absolutely an essential part of our collective healing. Yet here we are again at the ‘both/and’ paradox– harmful beliefs & behaviors must be held accountable AND we can at the same time compassionately interrogate the “other’s” belief as reflecting an aspect of our own truth.


So how to hold compassion for a belief that may be harmful? What I love about this statement is the mirroring quality it carries in its very structure–  “You are right. And I am right too.” In other words, I am right because you are right & you are my mirror. When we can view the antagonizing “other” as a divine mirror sent as a reflection of our personal & collective shadows & inner darknesses, we are already stepping into a more compassionate space of dialogue & curiosity. And compassion is a necessary ingredient to holistic & authentic restoration of justice & balance because compassion brings justice into the moral fabric of the society rather than maintaining it simply as an external institutional directive. In Islamic tradition, justice is internal and external re-balancing through compassionate awareness because it is the compassion in awareness that motivates morality not some intimidating and punishing external institutional power.


We cannot heal until all darkness is brought to light & because the cure is in the pain, in the dis-ease, in our personal & collective pathologies. This is cosmic law.  Avoiding the darkness, empowers the darkness. This too is universal law, as we see with the law of suppression & its inevitable appearance now in both our earth & human bodies w/ intensified dis-eases (see previous posts). Rather than suppressing or resisting the contradicting perspective, this approach makes us all accountable for confronting & dialoguing with our inner & collective shadows, our karmic agreements, & our group mind, by allowing space to view the “other” as a connected piece, albeit perhaps a pathological piece, of the puzzle in our collective psyche.


This is also the way of self-empowerment & collective healing because when we validate the truth that the darkness & all of its shadows (yes, even Trump!) are within each & every one of us, as these mirrors come to show us, then we are shining the light of compassionate interrogation, transmutation & healing on the deepest & most painful parts of our personal & collective wounds. In that way we become agents of our own healing because our healing becomes our responsibility & it is not contingent on healing or changing the mind of the “other” or the perpetrator. This is the beginning of true, long-lasting, restorative healing & justice of the self & of our communities.


What would happen if we learned to regulate our emotions enough that we could begin to view contradiction w/ compassion & curiosity, even or perhaps especially when painful or harmful? What if we saw disagreement as an opportunity to learn about ourselves & the collective, to dive deeper into our psyche, to explore & release our triggers, programs, vows, agreements and contracts. And the most important question, what happens when we don’t do this very difficult personal work? [The short answer: status quo.]


As inhabitants of Gaia/Mother Earth who is in the throes of a planetary ascension right now, humans have the honor & the privilege of choosing to ascend with her by expanding, integrating & harmonizing our consciousness with hers or sticking to our old destructive ways. Mama earth is ascending into a paradigm that embodies & reflects the Law of One. Will we too open our hearts, our minds & our souls to the Divine Truth that we are all one body– inter-connected, whole, holy & complete and capable of harmony with the rest of our universal body? Will we expand our hearts, minds & soul to accept & embody the truth that all of creation is ONE reflected in multiplicity & that when one one of us is sick, so too is the whole? Will we ascend with Mama Earth or be left in the dust of her great transformation? This is a personal choice as we are unique & essential parts of this great cosmic whole.

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