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Illness as Enemy: A Shadow Perspective

Can you understand now that illness is not a punishing dark force but a corrective, teaching force of the universe? We have given quite some coverage on this universal teaching on our IG as of late, have you been able to work w/this shadow yet? Are you beginning to accept the truth so eloquently expressed by the mystics throughout the ages that “The cure is in the pain/dis-ease/discomfort.” “The wound is where the light enters you?” Are you beginning to integrate the shadow that views the universe & illness as enemy even though the collective hasn’t yet? Are you starting to heal? Are you becoming free?


Liberation & health is not freedom from illness but freedom from unconsciousness. Personally disentangling from & transmuting a group shadow by first becoming aware of the shadow is the greatest step to becoming free. Have you freed yourself from group think & its shadow fears yet? What else might you need to help facilitate this shift in perspective on both an intellectual and cellular level? For me, moving from the abstract to the particular helps me to begin embodying a new knowing.


I ask because future posts will focus on the specific metaphysics & function of the immune system & infectious diseases. It’s time to get real with the current covid propaganda & confront our collective shadow that is running this global shit-show; a shadow that incorrectly & dangerously engages illness as enemy.


Since we have now established the mechanics of the the medical industrial complex as a shadow agent, propagating & practicing fear & control based methodologies of health & dis-ease, the upcoming posts will be focused on the particulars & purpose of the immune system & the corrective function of infectious diseases. But before we go there, is there anything else we need to work out with this particular shadow? Is anyone still stuck in fear about health, dis-ease, or covid? It’s ok to still have fears but are you able to detach and interrogate them now?Where might you need more clarity?More work? What do you need from me to help you complete this shift & integration so we can move into deeper discussions?I have a ton of powerful resources al7, just ask.

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