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How could a creature of nature benefit from chemical drugging as a mode of medicine? There is definitely a place for high tech medicine and synthetically derived drugs but is that what your earth body wants and needs as its primary form of support and therapy? This is a genuine question to ask your body and with honest listening.


This historical moment commands all human beings to finally and completely heal its relationship with the earth. As we teeter on the edge of the earth’s 6th mass extinction, human civilization either changes its toxic and abusive relationship with the earth or accepts that we will be annihilated. This is not an alarmist paranoid conspiracy theory, this is fact.


So how do we do endeavor to heal this primordial wound, our broken relationship with earth? Well one most potent way is to begin healing our relationship with our own earth microcosm, our bodies; and how our bodies interact with the earth through its food and medicine systems.


In my upcoming workshop “Holistic Nutritional Balancing :: Food as Medicine” at The Healing Studio Online we will learn basic nutritional guidance with advice on how to balance one’s mind, body and soul and one’s relationship with food and the earth through healthy and easy whole food nutrition.

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