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The Law of Suppression, California Fires, Dis-ease

This is the dynamic of the universal “Law of Suppression.” When we suppress the organic evolution of the earth body (and our own bodies), dis-ease is exacerbated. Dis-ease then has a corrective or re-balancing function. Seemingly ‘destructive’ energies are unleashed in higher intensities to accelerate the paradigm shift needed to sustain and restore balance and life. To put it simply, that which we suppress gets bigger & worse. This law is true of all systems in the universe– nothing in nature just goes away simply because humans want it to.


Had we honored the indigenous tradition of controlled fires rather than suppressing the earth’s natural inclination to geologically rebalance itself, these fires would not be so crazy destructive & apocalyptic.


Are we going to learn to work along side our mother earth & its systems (& our bodies & its systems) or are we going to remain under the delusion that we can just suppress & control everything & it will all go away? Are we going to collaborate & support the earth’s natural imperatives or are we going to stick to old domination, power-over/power-under dynamics of the colonizer & their fallacy of survival of the fittest?


Are you seeing our collective shadows now? This year of 2020 vision is the year of the Great Shadow Reveal. Everything we are looking at outside of us is a shadow within us commanding to be integrated & healed. Mending our dysfunctional relationship with the earth is the cure. It is the lesson behind this pain & it comes from the beyond. when the corrective function of dis-ease is received, understood, integrated & embodied, the earth no longer has the need for these lessons & difficult directives. When we actively collaborate & support her natural imperative & intelligence we will ALL be healed. The same is true of our personal earth bodies too.


Prayers for our great mother earth & all her creatures as she corrects our collective abuse of her. May we all be held in grace during these difficult transitions.

Grand-mama Redwoods
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