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The Law of Suppression in the Human Body

As we witness the earth express the dynamic of “The Universal Law of Suppression” with increased climate crises, many people may be wondering how this dynamic works in the human body? It works exactly the same way.


As an example, lately I have been having some symptoms of indigestion– bloating, nausea, burning pains. As much as i’d like to get rid of the discomfort by disappearing the symptoms with medications like an antacid I know that suppressing the symptoms will drive whatever disturbance my system is attempting to express deeper– postponing and manifesting more dangerous dis-ease and destructive symptoms later.


In homeopathy, all symptoms are manifestations or signs of a disturbance on the energetic body of the person. The energy body expresses its dis-ease or imbalance through symptoms on every level of the organism (mental, emotional, physical); thus re-framing symptoms as corrective in their function. Symptoms are signals, sign posts, messengers– a story of our essential body, our energetic system. Disappearing or stopping the symptoms because we are afraid of or don’t want them blocks the natural expression of the energy body thereby increasing its need for more intensified expression, like what we see happening in the earth body. Similarly in the human body, suppression of symptoms of both acute & chronic dis-ease through chemical medications or interventions creates more severe dis-ease.


Children who are given steroids for eczema often end up with asthma or epilepsy. Suppressing acute illnesses like colds, flus and other relatively benign infectious processes are linked to autoimmunity, allergies and cancers. In fact, children who get more acute illnesses tend to have less chronic dis-ease later in life. Is it no wonder that as we witness the dynamic of the universal law of suppression being expressed in the landscape of the earth body, human beings have never been so chronically or mentally ill in all of human history.

Of course, there are many variables involved for the unprecedented rise in chronic disease and mental illness– the accumulated pollution and abuse of the earth & specifically black and brown human bodies being the most obvious correlation. Not all dis-ease is a result of suppression. Yet, just as we see mama earth intensify her destructive capacities as a corrective response to having her natural systems suppressed, abused, extracted and mismanaged by toxic human activity, our bodies likewise respond to suppressive & toxic measures or therapies by increasing dis-ease.


Understanding how the “Universal Law of Suppression” works in our human bodies allows us to shift out of the fear & control based paradigm of the mainstream industrial complex. It allows us a space to relate to our bodies with cooperation, respect, curiosity and reverence rather than with fear and control tactics. This is reclaiming of our health and health systems at their roots, where true healing in line with universal natural laws and evolution begins.

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