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“Every thought is a prayer…”

In this universe of cause & effect, every thought we have creates form, every word we utter in our mind or aloud affects change. Our thoughts, whether subconscious or not, generate emotions & biochemical reactions in the body, they forge behaviors and actions. Our words frame and construct our perception and thus our reality. Both thoughts and words are innate human technologies that could be mastered as tools for enlightenment & healthy co-creation or can become inadvertent weapons directed towards the self or others.


What prayers and spells do you invoke with your thoughts and words? How do you speak to yourself? What stories do you tell yourself about yourself, about your body, your self-worth, your abilities, your relationships, the people in your life, the events around you, the world you live in. Who are the voices that construct these stories in your mind? Are they all your stories or have you internalized other people’s prayers and spells?


Becoming aware of the mechanics of your own psyche is the first step in transforming your internal & external realities. The next step is owning the Divinely gifted & distinctly human capacity to co-create our reality by how we language and story our world.

We are stepping into this awareness now as a collective– that how we language our world is how we determine our destiny. The question then follows, how do we as individuals anchor into this new knowing? How do you ensure that every one of your thoughts is a prayer invoking your highest truth and every word is a spell for everyone’s highest good? The answer to these questions will lead you to the medicines you need.

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