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The fundamental problem with Allopathic medicine is that it sees symptoms as being THE problem & thus tries to control & suppress symptoms, which only leads to more dis-ease on the soul level & consequently makes the person sicker.


Symptoms “appear” on the physical, emotional & mental planes because they’re merely EXPRESSIONS of an original disturbance at the vital force or on the soul level.


Ignoring or suppressing symptoms with chemical drugging only drives the disruption deeper into the soul, making it more mis-aligned & out of balance, & therefore intensifying symptoms on deeper levels.


As the Jungian adage goes “that which we resist, persists,” the same is true for dis-ease, ailments, discomforts & symptoms.


For example, suppression or *bandaid* medicine moves symptoms from non-vital organs to vital organs, like from the skin or ears to the brain or lungs.


Suppression can also push the expressed agitation from the physical body to the mental/emotional bodies, which are deeper, more abstract, complex & often invisible aspects of the human being.


True healing occurs when the TOTALITY and ESSENCE of the person is witnessed & supported, not resisted, controlled, battled, neglected or repressed.


Dis-ease is not meant to be eradicated or disappeared. [That’s not only impossible but a dangerous spell to believe.]


Just as we must experience darkness to understand light, or sadness to appreciate joy, we must experience dis-ease or mis-alignment to remember our alignment with our higher self & Spirit.


Dis-ease is how our soul grows & expands, because how else will you know it needs space if you don’t experience its discomforts?


Energy never dies, it only transforms. [2nd slide]


And medicine that is vibrational helps your specific soul energy to return back to its original state– which is already WHOLE, HEALED, HEALTHY, FLUID, EXPANSIVE & COMPLETE.♾


Next we’re gonna look into the different layers of the soul (or the vital force), including the collective, universal & ancestral layers! Stay tuned!


What would you like to learn about soul disruptions, dis-ease & health?


Check out my video on the Law of Suppression for more on this cosmic code!🌌

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