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Symptoms however painful they may be are not the problem. They’re sign posts directing us to the origin of the imbalance, which is soul mis-alignment or dis-ease on the soul level.🧭


Symptoms are the soul saying “Um Hi, 👋🏽 Hello. Look over here.Something is not sitting well with me! I feel suffocated, stuck, blocked, aggravated, thrown off my center. Please don’t just resist or get rid of the symptoms. Listen to what I am telling you through them. They’re carrying my messages. They have information about your medicines.”


Homeopathy is the science & art of reading symptoms to find the resonant energetic medicines needed to bring the soul back into alignment with Spirit, back to its home frequency, to its original equilibrium.


Everyone’s soul is vibrating at its own unique song, thus expressing its own particular symptoms picture.


Through your symptoms & as expressed & described by you, l hear your soul’s song & help you to heal & fine tune it.


Are you finding these posts helpful? What else would you like to know about health & dis-ease from a homeopathic perspective?


Stay tuned for more on symptoms, soul disruptions & energy medicine. I’m building on something here & can’t wait to share it with you!

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