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Your symptoms are your friends.


Why? Because they are not the problem, they are communicating to you that there is a disturbance on the level of your energy body or your vital force.


Your vital force is your unique energetic signature, your soul.


The thing that animates your body, that distinguishes you from a corpse or from another being is your vital force.


The vital force is referred to as CHI in Chinese Medicine.


Dis-ease originates at the level of your vital force and is then expressed in the form of symptoms on the denser levels of your being– on your mental, emotional & physical bodies.


So symptoms are sign posts, or messengers, teachers, symbols, that are pointing to a deeper imbalance, an imbalance on the soul level.


Meaning, no matter how much we work on our symptoms, if we do not address the deeper imbalance at the energetic level, healing will evade us.


This is true for the individual and collective dis-eases.


As you can see in the graphs, you are a multi-dimensional being with many inter-dependent, inter-active, inter-functioning dynamic layers.


Even your vital force has multiple layers, systems and organs, as do all your other layers– mental, emotional and physical. [More on that later.]


Energy flow & the exchange of information is also multi-directional, moving in all directions all at once.


The physical & external world is informing the emotional, mental and energetic. And vice versa.


But the imbalance itself originates on the energetic level. Meaning some kind of stressor in one of the other layers can trigger an imbalance in your vital force.


For example, an environmental toxin, a trauma, or even an ancestral wound will create a block, a disturbance or agitation on the soul level.


The soul will then notify us of this disturbance by expressing symptoms.


When balance is brought back to the vital force through ‘similar’ energetic medicines, healing occurs throughout, from within to without, in all levels, & the symptoms are no longer needed.


DM me to learn how I can help you find your unique set of soul remedies to bring balance back to your WHOLE.💧

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