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Faking The Funk

The difference between us & other animals is that we can FAKE the FUNK but they can’t.


They can only be REAL. No pretending.


But there is an aspect of us that still hurts, & hurts badly, sometimes even for generations, when we play FAKE.


That part of us is our SOUL.


Our SOUL is what organizes the structures of our mind, ego & physical bodies.


If our SOUL is sick, so too will be the other aspects of us. [So stop FAKING THE FUNK!😉]


And yet, there is another aspect of us that doesn’t want anything at all.


It is uncorruptible, formless, STILL, PURE, FREE & eternally in the DIVINE PRESENCE.


It is NON-being in BEING.


That part of us is our TRUE NATURE, our ESSENCE, our SPIRIT.


And when our SOUL is aligned with our ESSENCE– when our SOUL learns to want nothing but what SPIRIT wants– we are at HOME & at ONE with THE ALL.🌌


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