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Life & Death Cycles

The womb decides when to give life & when to ABORT it. ⚔🌹


Every month a woman’s womb terminates a potential seed of life.


Every month, our womb is a tomb.


It’s only approximately 12 hours in the entire month cycle that the womb will allow fertilization & the spark of life to grow.


This dark power, this mystery, this unfathomable intelligence, this alchemical space where the polarities of existence dynamically co-exist & the forces of life & death continue in a great cosmic dance, is the DIVINE FEMININE.


And it’s terrifying to the TOXIC MASCULINE.


For thousands of years now, the DARKNESS of the WOMB & it’s COSMIC brilliance has been suppressed into the shadows by the frightened TOXIC MASCULINE.


A wise elder woman once told me, “women bleed once a month but men don’t & that’s why they bleed other people.”


Yet, the old world is dying & a new world is being born.


What we are seeing now is an acute TRIGGER of this ancient PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND, the original perceived fracture between the human soul & the consciousness of the DIVINE FEMININE.


We are witnessing in real time this ancient fear of the MYSTERY in the LIFE-giving & DEATH-rattling POWER of the MOTHER’S WOMB.


Acute episodes reveal MIASMS that need to be healed. They are triggers with messages & teachings.


This is a collective MIASM, perhaps humanity’s oldest SHADOW, emerging into our consciousness to be healed once & for all.


I had a calling this year to offer a group container for “SOUL REBIRTH: AWAKENING the DIVINE MATRIARCH & Healing the WOUNDED FEMININE & PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND” through HOMEOPATHIC INITATIONS with remedies made from the BIRTHING WOMB of a human mother.


And recent events have again confirmed for me the need for this collective healing container.


As the master ALCHEMIST, the DIVINE FEMININE within us knows how to turn this acute trigger & trauma into MEDICINE.


The MEDICINE in this moment is LIBERATION from COLONIZER systems & the TOXIC PATRIARCHY.


The medicine in this moment is to GET FREE!


The womb knows how to turn life into death & death into life.


Within the DARKNESS of the WOMB, is the LIGHT.🕯

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