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Free to Believe

This is what makes you special in creation but also can get you lost.


And this is why humans need guidance– to be shown their own delusions.


As long as you are clinging to a self-identity, you will never know your true essential nature, your SOUL’S SONG, your own unique purpose & imprint.


Because giving one’s self a defined identity is to restrict one’s self to definition in form. It’s to put oneself in a box. The box is a delusion.


Your essential nature is not limited to form or definition & cannot be boxed. It is open, fluid & FREE.


ProTip: a lot of the 1st stages of inner work can be done alone but eventually we all need a guide w/ a polished heart to mirror back our reflections, shadows & delusions. And to help hold us accountable.


May Allah guide us all. 🙏🏽🤲🏾

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