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Become SOUL Literate & study these graphs. They are rich with ancient & metaphysical wisdom & a guidance on how to heal at the root cause, on the soul level.


In summary, chronic dis-ease is a result of a suppressed or rejected acute episode.


Meaning that there was an acute experience of trauma, discomfort, pain or illness either in your lifetime, in your ancestors’ or in the historical or contemporary collective, that was not allowed to be felt & processed & thus became a SHADOW or a permanent HIDDEN disturbance on the soul level.


The soul then expresses this mis-alignment or imbalance, it projects this shadow trauma & pain, through chronic symptoms on the physical, mental & emotional bodies.


The symptoms become the soul’s mythology, the soul’s communication, its language, the soul’s projection of its pain.


The symptoms are signs meant to be read so the ROOT CAUSE of dis-ease, the original disturbance can be WITNESSED & HEALED.


We can learn how to read our symptoms to find & heal the root cause of our SOUL’S DIS-EASE.


We can learn how to discern what is ours to heal & what isn’t. Because you don’t have to carry & heal all of humanity’s wounds. See previous posts.


I am providing a container that will help build your SOUL LITERACY & direct you towards healing the root cause of dis-ease.


A collective container where we dive into the ALCHEMICAL MYSTERY of turning our darkness into light or our illnesses into cure for ourselves & all of our lineages.


Please join…


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