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Get TF Away!

Parents everywhere feel this right? I know you do. Trust your intuition because it’s right on.


This belligerent attack on our children by Big Pharma & Big Tech in collusion with governments around the world– we see you, we know what you’re doing. 👁


And we don’t need to substantiate our intuition or our innate instinct to detect and protect our children from harm.


We don’t have to show anyone the piles of mounting hard evidence of the psychological and physiological damage being overtly inflicted on our kids.


We don’t have to tell you that our otherwise healthy children have developed anxieties, phobias, addictions, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, depression and a host of other illnesses since this assault started over a year ago.


We don’t have to convince anyone because we know when our children are targeted & prayed upon. We know what our children need.


We are blessed and honored with thousands of years of ancient knowing and an inherited symbiotic relationship with our children as their sacred guardians in this realm.


We don’t need to prove anything to anyone to demand this madness stop.


And we won’t be gaslighted or silenced.


And when we say “get tf away from our family” we are mother earth herself roaring back at these predators. We are the whole universe coming to her children’s aid.


We hear & heed this call by our great cosmic mother because we know she has our backs as parents.


And we know from deep within our souls that the cosmic mother has been awakened within us and she will most definitely win.



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