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“I don’t care if I live or die now mama.” My sweet girl said this to me several times in several different ways this past year, until we got to Egypt. 😭


My joyous, curious, big souled baby girl had always been full of life, imagination and passion. She lives in a stable loving home with both parents & even with all of that a few months after the first lockdown in 2020 she began saying stuff like “I don’t care if I live anymore. I don’t necessarily want to die but I don’t want to be alive anymore either. Sometimes I think dying would be better than being on this planet. There’s really no point in being alive anymore.”


Of course this scared the ish out of me! Mostly because i could see her spark was quickly diminishing, but also because I could totally sympathize and felt the same way a lot of times. It wasn’t until recently & only by over-hearing another parent saying that their child also began saying similar stuff during the lockdowns that I learned this is called “Passive Suicidal Ideation.”


If my child with all this stability and privilege was feeling this way, wtf is happening with children in abusive or broken families? God help our babies!


The good news is, since we got to Egypt she is back to her old self & hasn’t at all expressed such distressing signs. Alhamdulillah 1000000000!


Parents, what they are doing to our children is outright state sponsored abuse.


Please listen to your hearts and your gut parents. You and only you know what is best for your child(ren). Not the government, not the experts, the doctors, nor the media.


The best thing I did this last year was follow my kids’ leads and needs. I moved across the world and back to the motherland because it is the best place for them right now. Not for me or my husband but for them. I followed THEIR guidance al7.


Parents, you are your child’s sacred keeper and guardian, chosen by your Creator alone. Do whatever you need to do to keep your child(ren) safe & thriving. I promise you, that if you listen to their guidance entrusted to you by your Creator, all of creation will support you in fulfilling your sacred contract in parenting.


May we all be divinely guided & supported.🙏🏽

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