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Power Dynamics

The universe is not governed by human logic. The universe is governed by power & power dynamics. Power is energy.


Whether or not you understand or accept the power dynamics governing the universe doesn’t change the universe. Your understanding and acceptance is not essential to truth.


What does change the universe and the truth is how you manage YOUR power. Everything comes down to where you put your power. EVERYTHING!


So how do you manage it?


Do you give it to others to manage? Do you outsource the management of your energy & truth to external authority? To tribal law?


Who do you plug your power centers into? Are they plugged into outward systems of contol that glorify rationalism & one-dimensional thinking?


Or do you plug your power into your Creator & accept that the totality of Truth is not completely knowable with our minds alone? Do you accept guidance from the universe & from the illogical?


Who are you in alignment with? Material systems of control or the multi-dimenisonal dynamic universe?


How do you manage your power?


This is where truth in choice lies– not in logically understanding truth but in deciding what & where you put your power.


Where you put your power is the timeline you have chosen. Therein lies your truth. 🙏🏽

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