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Getting Free

Before industrialization, modernity & the nation state, most people worked for themselves & had a skill or craft they offered their community.🤲🏾


Everyone was considered an essential member of society & a working representative of a sacred lineage, a keeper of a traditional trade or craft.🥷🏽


Do that NOW & get FREE!🕊


Then you can divest from the corrupt extractive systems of the ruling elite and offer your knowledge, skills & expertise to each other instead.☀️


Then we can build our own liberated autonomous communities, free from dependence on the systems of the colonizer class.🌬


All Praise to the Most High for liberating me from the matrix more than a decade ago by blessing me with the skills, craft & medicines of holistic natural healing, body autonomy & sovereign health.💮


I help people heal from the part to the whole, from within to without, from above to below, & vice versa.


I am a Body & Soul Systems Alchemist.🦄


I serve my Creator by serving my Creator’s creatures alhamdulillah. 🙏🏽


Check out my offerings on my website www.sukuunholistics.com, linked in bio.🧬


Or DM me and let’s chat!🌹


Let’s get autonomous, sovereign & FREE!✌🏽

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