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By mid 2022 you will either be cut off by them or you will need to remove them from your life.


So sorry.


The divide between the real & the delusional will be so wide that staying in their world of lower distorted vibration will actually put you in danger. If it hasn’t already.


You need to begin creating alternative systems, autonomous communities now.


The masses are having a collective psychotic episode & history tells us this doesn’t end well.


We are seeing in real time who among us chooses the illusion over The Real. Who chooses the consciousness of the anti-Christ over that of Christ.


I realized that people under the c○V!D spell assume inherit goodness on the side of the ruling class & their systems.


Whereas people awake to the agendas of the ruling class assume inherit goodness of the human spirit & mal-intent in the apparatuses of power.


Those still plugged into the matrix & following the group will be lost with them as they self-destruct.


Unplug from the matrix before it collapses.


Unfollow the group before they perish with their failed systems.


The solution is to withdraw from the matrix & create your own structures.


You don’t need to quit everything right this second but start working on your exit plan.


Start building the foundation of what’s next.


Start grounding yourself in the New Earth, it is already here.


Locate your allies & community members. Start planning, preparing & collaborating now. So when the time to exit comes, you’re ready.


There will always be pathways to safety & freedom. And they are always with & through God.



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