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You Must Declare “I choose God.”

Let’s define evil: Evil is a parasitic energy, a consciousness that feeds off the energy of another thru manipulation & deceipt.


It’s solely extractive.

It only takes.

And gives only to receive.


The giving will always be thru distortion, manipulation & lying.


Distortion & deceipt are part of the archetype of evil b/c when it has your mind & your perception, it has your soul.


And your soul is what it ultimately wants.


The thing about evil is it needs your consent to manipulate & extract from you.


Meaning, you have choice.

You have will power.


You have the power, authority & obligation to consent & refuse.


Choosing or refusing evil is part of your soul contract as a human being.


Evil must be confronted & refused.

NOT saying “no” is consenting to it.


W/ evil, non-consent requires explicit rejection. It’s not enough to ignore it, pretend it’ not there or just not believe in it.


You must declare “I choose God.”


If you don’t want to feed evil, you MUST exercise your will power, your human birthright & make the conscious choice to not comply or collude with evil, whether it emerges from within or without.


Declare your refusal out loud & in your heart: “NO! I do not consent. I do not comply. I belong only to My Creator.”


Evil is a spiritual fact; expressed in ALL spiritual traditions thru similar stories.


All traditional cosmologies have a satan like consciousness that is often a personified being & always a part of the organization of the human experience.


You’re not crazy when you sense something may be evil. That is your soul speaking to you.


You can sense evil because you have a capacity for it too. We all do.


It’s part of the human experience & why you are here– to find out who you are.


Do you collude with evil?


We all have potential to submit to the evil within.


When we go silent in the face of its absurdity & cruelty, when we ignore the suffering of our children & our elderly, when we continue to believe liars, when we continue to lie to ourselves to protect our delusions & our “safety.


Evil is empowered by you pretending it doesn’t exist.


We’re in biblical level endings & beginnings right now.


And evil, as prophesied by all the traditions, has always been a part of the final equation, the end of this karmic cycle & an essential character in our cosmic human tale.


What are you choosing right now in this epic battle for the human soul between God’s Goodness & this low vibrating parasitic consciousness that needs your consent to exist at all?


Remember in the case of evil, what you choose becomes who you are.

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