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How Do You Distribute Your Power?

We’re all being animated by a specific current of power, our vital force.


Like your fingerprint & your DNA, this vital force holds your unique energetic signature.


Imagine it as a current of golden light entering thru your crown & moving down into your different energy centers (aka chakras).


This golden light has your name & only your name on it.


It is meant only for u.

It brings your body to life.

It energizes u.

It’s your soul.


How u distribute that power, your soul’s light, your cosmic identity, is the whole question of why you’re here.


Do u have cords attached to outside sources that give your power away?


Or do u use your power to serve God?


Any chronic illness, fear, or toxic patterns means you’re mismanaging your power.


Chronic fear & stuck flight or fight responses means u have energy leaks in the root chakra, which holds tribal, ancestral & basic survival data.


Toxic patterns in relationships or w/ money means u have a shadow attachment & an energy drain in the sacral chakra.


Self esteem issues means there are cords leaking energy from your solar plexus.


All dis-ease comes from energy leaks or cords in these 1st three chakras.


Do you outsource your decision making & life choices to others, your tribe or the collective?


Are u unable to move forward in life because of thoughts like “what will they think or say”?


Do u do & say things because that’s what group x is doing or saying?


If so, you’re subconsciously dumping your unique vital soul light to the herd or to the group. You’re mismanaging your power. You’re giving up your agency, your autonomy, your sovereignty.


& thus, you’re not only leaking energy but you’re toxic & creating dis-ease.


Enlightenment & health is when all your energy centers are in alignment (a[en]lign[lighten]ment) w/ God Source.


Meaning you’re maintaining integrity in the distribution & management of your unique light or energetic currency, that you’re managing it according ONLY to God’s will & there is no corruption in the dissemenation of your God given vital force, your unique soul power.



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