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Our Family’s Initiation w/ The Disease That Can’t Be Named

So I got the disease that can’t be named! It presented as a cold for my son & me, & more like an intense flu for my husband. [swipe for photos of below text].


We’re all recovered alhamdulillah. This is what I did.👇🏾


Firstly, we had taken the nosode for the original strain in April 2020 & traveled the world many times & never got sick. Getting sick NOW tells me there’s a more virulent strain that is a mutation of the GMO jab.


My son only took vitamins C, D & Zinc & recovered within 4 days. My husband & I took the same vitamins, Iv€rm€ctin, a homemade herbal tea formula & the most indicated homeopathic remedies + the nosode. My husband had it more intensely for 4 days, I had it mildly for 7.


The herbal tea had the following, all locally sourced herbs: artemesia, licorice, ginger, black seed, thyme + sage.


The homeopathic remedies that were most helpful were Arscenicum 1M, Pulsatilla 1M & Kali Bich 1M.


It was honestly not distinguishable from a cold. I was also sick while NOT in a restful place; packing up & cleaning my aunt’s home while simultaneously moving in & cleaning up my new home.


Still it was a mild cold for me. I know people don’t want to hear that but it’s the truth & the fact that this upsets people is very hurtful. Like it bothers people that I am healthy & had a mild response? People would rather hear I struggled & nearly died? F’ing weird!


If anything it was an opportunity to enter my psychic underworld. I did a lot of psychological work on victim consciousness & my inner child. That’s what it’s here for, that is its cure.


Dis-ease is an initiation. It’s a sacred ceremonial journey, just like w/ Kambo or Ayuasaca which also can induce fever & flu-like symptoms.


People pay big money & appropriate native sacred medicines to have the same experience the earth gives us naturally to upgrade not only our immune systems but our consciousness, our hearts & minds.


The body becomes feverish, fatigued & discharges toxins as it’s given an opportunity to rest in the dark recesses of the psyche & explore the hidden parts of you now activated by the vyrus.


This dis-ease activates the victim & inner child in order to heal them. It is curative for the mental/emotional bodies and the physical body gets tired & sick as it holds space for the journey and process.


Instead of avoiding these sacred earth codes of uncomfortable curative upgrades, embrace it. The more you suppress the opportunity to heal the hidden dis-eased parts of you, the more dis-ease is increased in your mind & body.


So allow yourself the opportunity to love up on your body, your inner child & your victim. Hold sacred space for them. Give them tea, rest, remedies & tenderness to help support the process & transmute the dis-ease into medicine & the internal darkness into light.

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