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Hypochondriac Karens

It’s beyond me how the irrational anxieties of Prozac junkie white women have taken over the world.


I mean I knew fear was the driving principle of industrial science & medicine but damn! I did not expect all these people to have this inner Karen archetype too!


That irrational fear of pain & germs, & the delusional colonizer entitlement to not feel anything uncomfortable is being revealed as a collective shadow right now.


And wow, how many people have fully stepped into this shadow! It’s frightening to say the least.


Now we have a global commoner class revealing their inner paranoid Karen, who are policing & imposing their irrational fears, technologies & systems on everyone by shaming, bullying, coercing & exiling anyone who doesn’t share their same paranoias, rules, addictions or beliefs.


Hypochondriac Karen is in perpetual victimhood, thinking that even mother nature & the virome are out to get her & that only she can save us with her all-knowing, self-righteous, one-sided, fear-based perception of right & wrong & colonizer ‘science.’


If you have this Karen shadow please integrate that ish asap! Because Hypochondriac Karen is clearly setting up a genocidal & apartheid world order, whether she knows it or not.


There have always been germs y’all! There will always be viruses & diseases! People have always gotten sick and we will continue to get sick. Whoever told you that we can eradicate diseases, viruses, sickness and death is lying to you. That is a delusion of the highest order! You can live your life in denial & fear of this truth forever but we don’t have to live there with you too!


Do the inner work Karen & stop giving it to us to do for you!




[PS: All due respect to the name Karen. I am only using it here as a reference to the archetype but I feel bad for all the real name Karens who now have to carry this as a stereotype.]

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