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Warrior Queen

My parents named me Rena from the Spanish La Reina or French La Reine meaning Queen. This archetype has been a part of my ego identity at least since womb-side but probably even longer.


I inherited this archetype thru my mother’s lineage. We are from Egyptian royalty, my mother herself being the ultimate queen matriarch. Ironically, my mom looks exactly like Queen Nefertiti & I look like Nefertiti’s mother, Queen Nefertari. 


My queen is not just any queen, she is not the cruel tyrant queen nor is she the passive side-kick queen. She is a warrior queen meaning she has been initiated into & trained in the path of the warrior, or the ability to battle & transmute darkness & evil. 


My warrior queen is the 1st archetype that walks into a room because she is in my 1st house, the house of my persona or the mask I wear. She is the first impression I give. She walks in with her big hair as her crown & her face carrying the marks of the warrior’s initiations & victories. 


When in her light qualities, you will see that my warrior queen is sovereign & stable, she is able to hold sovereign space & authority for herself & others whilst also transmuting & stabilizing energy dynamics like a true warrior. When in her shadow, she will come off as arrogant, prideful, intimidating, entitled, aggressive or authoritarian. 


My warrior queen is most likely in my 1st house of the ego persona because of the following subconscious myths I have inherited from my ancestral lineage, my tribes & from my orphan child archetype:

1) If I do not assert my sovereignty, it will be taken from me,

2) I am entitled to a certain level of respect & power in all spaces,

3) the masculine is associated with power & the feminine with weakness. 


Though my warrior queen is a keeper of these mythologies, she is also a pathway towards the liberation of my soul. Because by becoming aware of the myths of my warrior queen, I can use her light qualities to dissolve these myths & step into her sovereign greatness, to embody her truest & fullest light & fulfill her sacred contract–to become a sovereign autonomous authority in service to The Divine.


Which archetype do you have in your 1st House?🎭

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