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I don’t trust the mainstream media (MSM) & the “woke” tribe’s sudden criticisms of Israel. 🧿🇵🇸🧿


Not after the MSM’s aggressive propaganda + organized machinery peddling the medical industrial complex this past year. And the “woke” tribe’s silence or outright militant endorsement of it.


Not after the MSM & medical industrial complex villianized & weaponized our bodies & immune systems against each other, after they destroyed livelihoods & ecosystems across the planet, systemically abused children & the elderly, exploited people’s vulnerabilities & put millions of people at risk of starvation & mental illnesses.


All to push experimental gene altering injections with unknown consequences on the human populace.


Not after all that yo!


All these “woke” folx & celebrities have so much to say about the state of Israel right now but have either been totally silent to medical fascism & the irreversible harms its done to the most vulnerable of the world or belligerently regurgitating its propaganda & canceling criticisms.


This new pro-Palestine trend feels like controlled opposition to me. Like inverted dogma + a distorted reversal + good cop deception + disguised righteousness.


It feels like “Talk radio. Question enough to appear questioning. But not enough to seek answers.” @garethicke


In other words, it wreaks of colonizer infiltration. It smells of political theater. It feels performative AF.


I hope & pray I’m wrong– that wokeness & the MSM are genuinely concerned with Palestinian liberation & human emancipation from all colonizer systems.


But I’ve learned the hard way that when I feel something is off, it’s usually off. And I don’t know what it is just yet but all this critical attention Israel is getting feels rather suspect.


I’m pretty sure most people have felt something similar this past year– an inner questioning or suspicion about what we’re being told about this now endemic seasonal vyrus.


But how many of you suspected foul play & ignored it? Stop doing that!


Those doubts are intuitive hits. The more we ignore them the harder the lessons come.


How do you feel about criticism of Israel becoming the new social media trend?

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