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I didn’t think I was going to have to say this because I thought most vacksine fundamentalists probably already unfollowed me or that adults could manage disagreement while NOT violating my boundaries. But apparently not!


Some yt woman decided to come on my post (3rd pic) to get offended, project her misunderstandings on me, regurgitate a bunch of big pharma propaganda & then demand i apologize to BIPOC for HER conclusions. [i mention her race not to be divisive but because I’ve only been policed on MY page by yt women so far, save once. I wonder why?!]


I didn’t respond to her because I don’t do other people’s emotional and intellectual labor and what she thinks & feels is none of my business. [Feel free to respond to her if you have that kind of bandwidth, I left her hysterical comments on my post].


Consider this a heads up though because I will be posting more tough wisdom & uncomfortable truths, so…


I am not responsible for anyone’s beliefs, understandings, MIS-understandings, conclusions, projections, needs, desires, identities, offenses or defenses.


Everyone is free to believe, think, understand, say what they want. And so am I.


You are free to not like me, cut me off, block me, unfollow me, whatever.


You are also free to openly & respectfully disagree with me.


But no one has the right to demand my labor, police my spaces, or come & dump their projections & big pharma propaganda on my page.


I’m not your parent, your therapist, your dumpster truck or your broadcasting channel.


Boundaries are healthy & will constantly be reinforced here. I pray you keep your boundaries sound & sovereign too. Do what you got to do. 🤲🏾🧿



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