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The Creator is Ease & wants ease for you. I’ve discovered from my own hardness, that we evade our birthright to divine ease & enter into dissonance when we have blocks like rocks instead of embodying the ease & flow of water. Read “Be Like Water” below 👇🏾.


Just like water, I took the biggest & fastest pivot I’ve ever taken in my life, [more on that later] // timeline jumped tf out dissonance // & now I’m in divine alignment, flow & abundance alhamdulillah 1000000000.


:: “Be Like Water” by my Sufi Master M. Sh. Nazim Al Haqqani ق ::


“Most people are saying that this, my order, must be carried out, insisting. As Pharaoh said ‘My order must be carried out,’ our ego is saying to us, ‘My order must be carried out.’ THAT causes suffering to people. They are not like running water; they are like rocks, saying, ‘This Nile must run as I say,’ and the Nile is NEVER going to run as you like but it runs as its Creator orders it to run. That is the main reason why people are suffering: they refuse to be soft, they refuse to be like water.”


We must be like running water– a river, a spring– flowing out. When it runs, water always follows the easy course, avoiding difficulties & passing through easy ways, not stopping. If it finds a place, a hole, it fills it and then runs again. If finding a rock, it does not try to cut through the rock but changes its way and runs, never stopping. If it stops, it fills that place and runs also.”


سبحان الله

و الحمد لله

و لا اله الا الله

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