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Satanic Rituals

The whole world has been taking part in a satanic ritual this last year, lead by the cult of medicine.


You can either be an active participant & succumb to their authority (i.e. wear their symbols, give them your body, parrot their scriptures “science”) or you can be a silent observer, a sacred witness.


i choose the latter. i am sacred witness.


may we all be divinely guided iA.


1st 📷: quote by @zinastar

2nd 📷: Invocation for refuge in The Most High

3rd 📷: Two protective verses from evil & false light in the Holy Quran

4th 📷: I was going to post the photo of “Christ The Redeemer” of Brazil desecrated with the mark of Satan across his chest (“vacksines”) but I love Jesus (as) too much to disrespect him on my page. You can google it though.


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