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You are a fractal of the universe. You have ALL intelligence within. You know more than you think & you know better than the “experts”. You are the expert of your own life.


The following is some tough wisdom, my reading of universal laws. It’s not meant to scare you but to catalyze you:


Any system that tells you your immune system is deficient & dangerous w/out technological interventions of billion dollar industries, is a colonizer capitalist system attempting to conquer your body & mind.


There will be more virulent infectious diseases soon. They will mutate quicker than vacksines can keep up & they will lead to mass extinction. But industry will say its because of climate change & deficient immune systems. That’s only partially it, disease & bondage will mostly be from vasksines.


Just like the widespread use of antibiotics resulted in super bugs, widespread indiscriminate use of vacksines will result in super viruses. The earth itself is making vacksines obsolete.


There will also be tons of people sick & dying from vacksines which there will be more of as viruses mutate & so called ‘scientists’ attempt to catch up.


But the medical industrial complex will never admit this & never investigate this.


Those with strong autonomous sovereign immune systems will be immune to the increased virulence because their immune systems will be upgrading with the earth’s timeline as it clears & levels up.


That is the sole prerogative of Mother Earth, to continue its cycles of life. If humans get in the way of that, she will purge us; she will become the Devouring Mother Earth.


This is an invitation to heal, our fundamental collective wound— our severance and perceived separation from our Mother Earth— by reclaiming & upgrading our immune systems to the New Earth’s timelines. You have all the intelligence of the universe within, if you support the earth’s intelligence she will support you & yours.


To learn more about educating & leveling up the immune system towards infectious diseases using the alchemy & energetics of disease agents, reach out to me for Homeoprophylaxis (HP)— Future Medicines of the New Earth.

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